Galway Massage Therapy

“I initially found Tissy when referred by a friend for pregnancy massage. When your body is going through so much the massage gave so much relief both mentally and physically. I felt like melting chocolate !” Martha

I offer Antenatal Massage from as early as the first trimester, throughout the pregnancy and postnatally. I trained and qualified with Suzanne Yates of Well Mother UK, who specialises her work in “Supporting the Wellness of Parents & Babies”.  As well as my training with Suzanne, I took up a 4 years Shiatsu training, as well as a Doula Training, which make my approach and preparation  to childbirth very unique.

This treatment is given on a futon – Japanese Mattress on the floor – thus creating a safe and comfortable environment for the mother to be.  I use a combination of Shiatsu and Swedish massage and offer after care and birth preparation advices.

From 37 weeks pregnancy, I use acupressure to prepare the body for the birth..

The benefits of Pregnancy Shiatsu Massage:

  • Soothes and relaxes and reduces stress
  • Improves circulation (reducing pregnancy related oedema)
  • Improves all physiological functions
  • Relieves tension in the back, neck and weight-bearing joints
  • Helps reduce sciatica (pain down the back of the thigh, leg and foot), improves sleep and relieves headache and sinus congestion
  • Reduces aches and pains relating to the musculoskeletal strains

 Pregnancy Shiatsu Massage (60 min) – €65