My 5 Steps to a Healthy Skin

I love the way Irish people say “How are you” and “Take care” so many times a day, no matter how many times you might be talking to the same person, it’s such a kind and loving expression – (something we don’t have in French – not that we are not kind and loving J – everybody knows how “Rosemantic” the French are LOL)

I especially love the word CARE – like in “sharing is caring”, “I care for you” or “Skincare” which in my French way of translating means “Loving your Skin”.

I love my skin, in fact I love every part of my body, even my “imperfections” – and why would I not? It’s what makes me…who I am… and if a part of me needs attention or TLC, I give it – such as my skin, the largest organ of my body and my face – the one part of me that’s always exposed. I love to look healthy but most importantly to BE healthy, from the Inside Out – not just to look healthy thanks to the magic of makeup. In fact, even though I have a wonderful natural & organic makeup (Couleur Caramel) – which I love – I only wear it for occasions or a video tutorial, but rarely at work as I prefer my clients to see me the way I truly am, naturelle! And that’s when people get surprised – thinking I’m actually wearing makeup J

I get complimented on my skin regularly and asked what do I do… so today I would like to share with you my 5 steps to a Healthy Skin which I hope will help you too have a beautiful healthy skin, from the Inside Out.


STEP ONE: The products that I use – quality over quantity

First, I’d like to share one of my rules: LESS IS MORE – and that applies for skincare products and makeup. I don’t believe in spending fortunes in cosmetics but I believe in using quality. I don’t have 100 different products that I use for my skin, just a good cleanser, toner, moisturiser, exfoliator (no I don’t use serum daily – only when my skin needs it). Same for the quantity – a pea size amount for my moisturiser and if I wear foundation, I only put on a little to give a unified complexion for a long lasting makeup.

I use good quality products – and by that I don’t mean an expensive brand, I mean a natural brand with good quality ingredients, no toxic chemicals, preferably organic and not tested on animals. I use Phyt’s Naturo-Cosmetics – they suit my skin and tick all the boxes for me. I’ve been using them exclusively for the past 3 years now and find them brilliant. In fact, I can truly say that it’s the best Skincare range I’ve ever used. My skin is showing it!


STEP TWO: Cleansing

It’s just like brushing my teeth, it has to be done! I don’t do it twice a day though like my teeth, I only cleanse my skin sin the evening after I’ve spent the day working or outdoor, especially if I’ve worn makeup – I don’t go to bed without cleansing my skin, it’s part of my routine.

The steps are simple: cleanse, tone and moisturise – 5 min max and my skin is then ready for our beauty sleep… It actually feels lovely to cleanse the skin before going to bed, it feels fresh J Then in the morning, it’s just shower and moisturise. For me, in the morning, it’s quick quick quick – get the kids to school and go to work J I’m sure it’s the same for some of you!

BUT, once a week, usually on a Sunday after my run, I exfoliate, because that takes a bit more time and I like to give it time – it’s like a little massage… I use Phyt’s Gommage Contact + which has plant cells – a gentle exfoliator – and Ylang Ylang – which is anti-inflammatory and smells gorgeous! It gently removes the dead skin cells and impurities, brightens up my skin and helps my moisturiser to work more efficiently. That’s one of my favourite products.

Why exfoliate?

  • To brighten the complexion
  • To leave the skin soft, smooth & clean
  • To help your moisturiser work efficiently
  • To stimulate the blood supply
  • To help reverse some of the sun damage by refining the skin texture
  • To combat dryness & premature ageing


STEP THREE: Diet & Lifestyle

Having a Beautiful and Healthy comes from within, so there’s no point pretending that if we smoke, drink alcohol daily (more than one glass), eat junk & processed food, survive on a coke / coffee diet throughout the day because we are super stressed that our skin will be glowing – that would be amazing!

Here, it’s all about the 80-20 rule – off course I have a sweet tooth and love homemade cake, good chocolate and champagne (I know, I have luxurious taste, but to be honest, if I’m going to have a treat, it has to be worth it!). I eat very healthy 80% of the time, a diet of wholesome, home cooked food based on vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, organic eggs and fresh fish – then I have my treats such as Lindt Chocolate (that’s my thing at the moment), hot chocolate with cream from Builin Blasta – our local coffee shop – 1-2/week and if I have the occasion to drink a glass of champagne (or 2), I will – but that doesn’t happen too often!!! I feel sick with every other alcohol, it’s just not worth it. I don’t smoke (but if you do, I heard that the book Easy Way to Stop Smoking ( ) is brilliant. Finally, I drink a lot of water (80%) and some Earl Grey Tea (20%).

So if you want to have a beautiful skin, you need to make choices…

Stress is another major factor for skin imbalances and break outs – so finding ways to distress is primordial: relaxation, meditation, yoga, treatments, going for walks, reading, journaling, doing some sport – these are ways I use to stay in balance and release any stress I may have.


STEP FOUR – Protection

I’ll never say it enough: protect your skin from sun damage!!! I see so many clients coming for facials who have pigmentation, redness and broken veins… Especially in Ireland, with the weather we have – we think we are safe because it’s not sunny like in Spain but when it is, that’s when we get caught! Suddenly everyone is very lightly dressed without protection or hats, go to the beach between 12 and 3pm and then get burnt – the beautiful Irish skin is so sensitive…

The other thing is redness, broken capillaries – from the wind and cold when going for your walks…

So protect your skin using a good SPF 30 to 50. Our Phyt’s Solaire has Argan oil, it’s nourishing, anti ageing and very light to wear – it doesn’t stick like a lot of SPFs.

In the evening, apply a soothing cream such as Cream Phytssima rich in Argan & Hemp Oil – it’s anti-inflammatory and healing and also our Cream Capyl which is anti-redness and anti-sensitivity with Red Vine and Cypress (venous decongestant).


STEP FIVE – Nurture

And by that I mean getting Facials regularly, ideally every 6 weeks, it’s not a treat, it’s essential for the skin.

Using specific serums, masks and massage technique to drain, nourish and tone the skin – while with a Beautician who can advise home care routine to keep the skin in balance.

Our skin changes with time and seasons and has different needs – so should our products. We need more nourishment in Winter whereas we need more sun protection in summer for exemple. So getting regular facials helps to keep the skin in balance, nourished and protected.